Monday, March 28

things both exciting and puzzling

A number of exciting and puzzling things have happened in recent days.  For one, I no longer have access to my hotmail account because the Portuguese have apparently infiltrated it and are using it to spam everyone and their dog with messages in Portuguese.  I'm not too happy about that.  My dog doesn't even speak Portuguese.

Secondly, my parents sent me another box of alcohol from the clock shop.  Puzzling and exciting, all rolled into one!  Why this sudden interest in keeping me intoxicated, I can't help wondering.  The care packages were a little different when I was college is all I'm saying.  They generally involved those tins of flavored coffee that I used to live on before I wised up to real coffee, and Snackwells which I also lived on before wising up to fancy clock shop wines and IPAs. 

Thirdly, Mandia made me go to the Second Annual Festival en el Barrio Viejo with Calexico and Friends this past Saturday, and it was so awesome. I'm exaggerating about the "making me go part". I totally wanted to go. Mandia just made it all possible by reminding me that it was happening and that I'd need cash. 
"Crystal Frontier"  (2010)

Mariachis and Silver People



Maggie said...

I looove Calexico. Also, every single photo in this post made me incredibly happy. Looks like a blast!

julie said...

Why don't they ever send me a box from the clock shop? I'm the good daughter again!

Laura Reinert said...

For the love of GOD, you are difficult to contact... check your Facebook! I'm glad you're having lots of fun times, though... I've been having fun times, too. We should talk... if only I knew what time it ever is there...