Tuesday, August 8

Ode to Cheesy Fries

Cheesy fries, oh cheesy fries,
Piled thick and high under hot desert skies,
Enter my dreams, melt on my tongue,
Cool my damp brow with your sweet siren song.

Cheesy fries, my cheesy fries,
Under monsoon clouds, as temperatures rise,
Your salt like a kiss, you tempt me to rest
On stone patios where I am sprayed gently with mist.

Cheesy fries, darling cheesy fries,
I can't resist your seduction and would rather not try...
Silky cheese curls up your slender, potato-ey branch
As you sink voluptuously into lush pools of ketchup and ranch.

Cheesy fries, luscious cheesy fries,
Summer delight on a platter you lie,
Stick to my fingers, bring me to tears--
Oh, you taste so delicious with a couple of beers.

For Julie


Wingal said...

That was so beautiful... My God... have you thought of submitting it to the Kenyon Review of Poetry?

Uh, we're getting some of those when I come terrorize you in the Spring. Just an FYI.

Jenny said...

If you come visit me in the spring, I promise to stuff you with cheesy fries until you turn into one. Then I'll write a poem about it. An epic poem. Is that good enough?

Wingal said...

Yes... an epic poem... and after I turn into a cheesy fry I will do battle with Senor Sangria, Captain Guacamole, and Doctor Pepper. In the end I will die a heroic death, sacrificing myself to the Giant Mouth that would otherwise devour the world. Then I will go to my ancestors in Valhalla and dance to "Rump Shaker" until the end of time.

Wingal said...
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Jenny said...