Thursday, November 30


Speaking of Domesticity, which, somewhat eerily, we still seem to be doing - and with zeal - I'd like to give a shout out to my proto-Dining Room. Because now we have one. And just in time, I might add, for Christmas with the 'Rents and all the delicious eats that sort of activity entails, many of which are far too complicated to really enjoy on laps.

In laps, maybe.

But not on laps.

Perhaps you remember this?

I won't elaborate on what's going through his head right now.

Da da DAAA. Still needs to be finished, but you get the idea.

Ahh, so cozy...

Ooh! OOH! And we got a new table. With a bottle opener on the leg.

It's totally Christmas already, isn't it?


Wingal said...

I need a bottle opener for my table! Did it come that way, or was it installed? And I will be posting soon, Ms. Where the hell are you.

Jenny said...

It came that way. Gotta love those Mexicans.