Wednesday, November 22

Foiled Again

Got off to a slow start with the Thanksgiving cooking last night.

I went to make the Grand Marnier cranberry sauce, which in my house is called Triple Sec cranberry sauce. And promptly forgot what is apparently the most important step in the process: covering the baking dish with foil. (I also forgot to add this step to the recipe below and have since remedied the situation.)

Anyway, one bag of cranberries (how did I know to buy an extra bag last Sunday? How? And why does this type of foresight never hit in my daily life?), a cup and a half of pricey organic sugar bought in a fit of laziness three weeks ago, and a little orange juice concentrate later, I ended up with a congealed mess of semi-softened cranberries in a sea of gloppy melted sugar. Mmm.

And yet, somehow, this time, everything's really okay. I fortuitously bought an extra bag of cranberries - really, this NEVER happens to me - and two bags of sugar(conveniently cheaper than one at Safeway) and of course I have a whole can of orange juice concentrate in the freezer that I wasn't sure how to use up other than by making orange juice which I will never do. So I'm not even mad. And I kind of feel better knowing that the foil has a real purpose.

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