Tuesday, January 2

Gat-oh my!

I'd like to point out the obvious here.

Is a woman.

And maybe you all had your suspicians, but it's been hard for me to come to terms with the whole feline gender-bending thing. Now that I have, I'm trying to move on.

Sadly, now that we finally have that whole female thing in common, I don't see Gato very much anymore. It's too cold to wake up and open the front door for a visit (oy vey, what am I, heating the whole neighborhood!?). And once it warms up on the porch in the afternoon, there's still that draft of cold air coming from inside the house to contend with. Between the cold and the cold, Gato doesn't hang out in front of the door much anymore.

Plus we now spend 24/7 interacting with Lila (i.e. preventing her from ingesting the really really bad stuff). And let's just say that Gato appears to be uninterested in dealing with the trials and tribulations of puppyhood. Even through the security door.

We did reconnect somewhat over the holidays. Gato enjoyed running frantically from my parents each time they turned into the driveway in the morning, and I recently offered her a tin of seafood-flavored cat food rummaged up from the back of the Under-Sink Zone, which she delicately refused. Is that actual seafood? I think not. But I bet Lila would've eaten it.

Interestingly - and perhaps hilariously - Gato's ratio of cat-to-fur evidently decreased considerably with the onset of this chilly weather. She lately resembles a large, black dust bunny, complete with pieces of things stuck in there that you can't identify and would prefer not to. She is a round meowing mass of fur waddling around the porch.

I'd like to bring her inside for a hot toddy (or whatever it is cats like to warm up and chill out with) and some girl-talk from time to time. But it's so damn cold inside the casita that, even with her explosive fur and all, she's probably better off taking her chances with the elements.

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