Thursday, April 19

Day One

While the fridge is working admirably, Julie, Eugene, Raph, and I are not working at all. Because we are on vacation together.

First up: an ill-fated trip to Bisbee, Arizona, a historic mining town southeast of Tucson.

Well, not so ill-fated. We did discover an excellent breakfast place called the Bisbee Breakfast Club. We also bought various honey products produced almost single-handedly by killer bees.

We bought freshly roasted coffee and had free shots of espresso from Old Bisbee Roasters.
We saw Mona Lisa graffiti. (Darn hoodlums.)

We also revisited cheesy fries and cervezas at Frog and Firkin in Tucson.

It was very fun.

Later, the party kept going at home with mojitos on the patio for the more adventurous
(and not-quite-so-preggers).
And also not for puppies.

There were baby presents for the preggers...

...and wrappings for the puppy.

That evening, Eugene enjoyed a margarita with dinner at Poca Cosa...
...while the Virgin Mary watched over us.


Linda Faye said...

Effective sequencing of photos. Nice to see the four of you together having fun.
How's the fridge?
Linda and Paul

Jenny said...

Sadly, the fridge door doesn't close properly anymore. Maybe I'll post on it, if my morale goes up. :(