Saturday, April 21

Day Three (Part I)

We ushered Saturday in with some sock-eating

and a lovely Guatemalan Breakfast of black beans with cilantro and queso duro, scrambled eggs, and fried bananas with sugar. And lots of black coffee.

After the coffee kicked in, Eugene and Raphael worked on the ramada

with Lila's help.

Cocktail party vitals were stacked and ready.
Julie and I baked and glazed the most delicious lemon pound cake in the world.
Mexican paper flowers for the ramada had to be unfolded.

Lila planned to step out that evening resplendent in a stunning pale lavendar faux-leather collar studded with rhinestones.

The beams for the ramada went up easily

and manly congratulations were shared all around.

Monkeying around ensued.

And then we made the pregnant woman put up the lights.

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