Thursday, May 24

Alive and Caffeinated

Contrary to being eaten by mountain lions, I was not eaten by mountain lions.

I didn't even get to see a mountain lion. In fact I am presently sitting at my desk drinking a Stone IPA while Lila breathes hot dog breath on my arm and tries to remember who the hell I am.

I'm not going to give away any excursion-related secrets yet because I took Dad's old 35 mm Minolta rather than the fancy new Canon Digital Rebel which means I have to wait for the pictures. So feel free to get all psyched and everything, but try to keep in mind that mountain lions will not be in any of the pictures.

Instead, let's discuss my new coffeemaker, shall we?

Sunday morning, when Mike and Stacy arrived at 10:00 for Guatemalan Breakfast & Mimosas, I put the coffee on. And the coffeemaker promptly stopped working. This particular twenty-dollar coffeemaker was something like eight years old, so we let it go without too much of a fuss. It deserves a nice plot with a pretty view, really.

But because I had to be at work by 6:00 the following morning to pack the trucks for our almost disappointingly non-mountain-lion-inclusive trip to Burro Creek, it was the perfect excuse to buy my new favorite appliance: a decidedly-not-twenty-dollars sort of industrial-kitchen-y coffeemaker extraordinaire with a multiple-use gold tone filter. It makes delicious coffee and it looks pretty.

And I'm so happy to have it. Because ranch coffee doesn't mean good coffee. And that's all I've had for days.

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Wingal said...

I'm sorry... I'm still trying to get over the fact that you weren't eaten by mountain lions. I mean, it was such a plausible and understandable fear on your part (???). It's almost (but not quite) a disappointment to me that you weren't attacked.

I thought you were supposed to be down in a canyon for WEEKS... are you going somewhere else?

By the way: 23 DAYS TO PSSWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!