Friday, August 3

mama's got a new desk

So my Latino Lover muy fabuloso is not only muscle-ey like a Guatemalan Adonis - or perhaps "Adonio" to all you native Spanish speakers - but he also:

A. spent all morning pulling the many thousands of weeds previously inhabiting the nether regions of the yard by hand while I was slaving away ("smacking flies with my clipboard") at the office earning dough to buy weedkiller,

B. regularly arranges playdates for the puppy,

C. makes a mean Thai curry, and

D. whipped me up a gorgeous new desk this past weekend:

How lucky am I?


Wingal said...

You are extremely lucky... but I thought he was your Latino Love-TOY? Isn't that what Bob called him?

Jenny said...

BOB! I never sent Bob any pictures! Oh, poor Bob. And yes. Yes he did. He also thought Raphael should buy me a new wallet. Man, I love Bob and his opinions.