Tuesday, October 9

and now for the news, such as it is

My small and adorable nephew Jack apparently has many hobbies. They include:

1. spitting up
2. sleeping
3. drinking milk
4. spitting up
5. headbanging
6. crying
7. spitting up
8. eating
9. burping
10. explosively pooping
11. on his mother

He also enjoys sea turtles and boobs.

My dog got jewelry for my birthday. It's a sparkly St. Francis bottle cap medallion. But I don't know if St. Francis is technically able to protect her from herself.

And, finally: I went with a chocolate hazelnut raspberry torte. But it wasn't that good. Shoulda stuck with the marzipan.


Julie said...

That is the cutest baby I've ever seen!

Jenny said...

Thanks! She's kind of hairy, but we love the way her ears flop.

julie said...


Jenny said...

Oh, hey, yours is cute too.