Monday, October 15

bed or food? you decide

Lila got a new bed this weekend.

She loves it, but not quite in the way I expected. As far as I can tell, she thinks it's a giant ravioli, most likely stuffed with chicken. Or peanut butter. Or a cow.

This is Lila trying superextrahard to not chew on her new bed while I'm watching:


sam said...

Umm yeah, Clifford did that too. I bought one of those beds of foam with lamb wool around it except for the bottom. Guess who started eatting the foam from the bottom? I was working on a term paper and looked up and saw it was Christmas! As Christmas had actually passed several months before I was confused by all the white stuff spread about the appartment. Some of us were naughty, neither of us were nice, but we apparently thought picking it up was some new game that involved ripping the shreds of foam from my hands and running haphazard through the appartment with it!

Jenny said...

Ohmigod - we did that YESTERDAY!