Monday, October 1

clafoutis good

I'm making a cherry clafoutis, only without the cherries and, insofar as I know, without the clafoutis. To be honest, I know a clafoutis is something French and that's as far as I've gotten with a definition. I don't know if they have to contain cherries or turn out round. In fact, all I really know for certain is that mine is going to be neither of those things.

I am using blackberries and a square pan. I am, however, also using a real vanilla bean, which I find rather impressive. I could eat my fingers right now instead of waiting for the dessert.

The hardest part about making a clafoutis as far as I can tell is:

A. finding the cherries,
B. waiting for the browned butter to cool,
C. waiting for the stove to preheat.

In fact, you should all go make clafoutises right now. It's that easy. And it smells that good. It's seriously a five-minute process, if you subtract the considerable amounts of time consumed by the above three activities.

Go ahead, try telling your friends you've just made them a clafoutis, even if it's not strictly true. Unless they're French (and until they realize you're lying to them), I guarantee they'll be totally impressed. After all, they have no idea what a clafoutis is. It could involve Capoeira or laser thermodynamic fusion for all they know. Or both. It does involve a vanilla bean. And that's enough for me.


Wingal said...

Actually, "clafoutis" sounds like some kind of STD. I would suggest that, in approaching your friends you should say, "I have made you some delicious clafoutis" and not "I want to give you clafoutis."

Because that just sounds bad.

Jenny said...

Yes. An excellent, though disturbing, point.