Sunday, October 21

it's a dog's party

Boy, have my Saturday nights ever changed. For one thing, they're now held on Sundays. And the giant plastic-bag-lined trash cans full of Delt's Mystery Punch are nowhere in sight.

Also, it is no longer unusual for me to spend a "Saturday" night at a birthday party for a dog. And come home with an AWESOME LOOT BAG.Lila's old nemesis Zoey turned two today. She and Tami hosted a low-key and relatively classy party (Blue Moon beer and Trader Joe's sun-dried tomato hummous!) which was attended by:

Lila (in her rhinestone-studded fancy party collar, of course)
Ari's middle-aged dog Sammy

A pretty respectable turnout for a fourteen-year-old, I think.

Hilarity and enthusiastic jockeying for position, of course, ensued from the moment we arrived.
There were goodies, too. The men of Delt certainly never offered such crudites as we enjoyed. In addition to the more human-oriented spread, I baked star- and heart-shaped peanut butter cookies for dogs (The Guatemalan: "Finally! Something Lila and I can share!"), and Ari, the resident smoothie-place owner, brought canine-inspired peanut butter smoothies (The Guatemalan: "..mmm, smells gooood!")
The girls in action

The only thing missing was the Mystery... Actually, no. We had a pretty damn good time with the heart-shaped peanut-butter dog cookies.


Wingal said...

Delt Mystery Punch... my God, how could I have forgotten...

Jenny said...

Personally, I think it's kind of self-explanatory...

Wingal said...

Good point.