Tuesday, November 6

the wedding day

...not actually the wedding. You'll find, if you click here, that we were primarily focused on the things Jack was doing, which were, of course, completely governed by us. So, mainly we stood around a lot and took pictures of the baby held captive in our loving arms.


Betty said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing. I know what it is like having a Jackson that looks just like his Daddy. So Jenny did you get a baby itch or just enjoy being an aunt?

julie said...

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if I'm the mother!

Jenny said...

So far the only itching around here is a result of hay fever!

And, Julie, I was going to bring that up, but a wedding seemed like the wrong time.

Betty said...

It will get easier as he gets older because I'm sure he'll have some of your personality or likes/dislikes.

Being an aunt is great. Last Christmas we gave our nephew a drum!

Jenny said...

I'm taking notes.