Thursday, December 13


The crazy baking frenzy has begun, as you knew it must. On the list for this year:

Spoon Cookies (of course, sillies!)

Mini Black and White Cookies (for the Guatemalan in all of us)

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies (in honor of my grandpa, The Captain, who went into a nursing home just before Thanksgiving, a great man who loves peanut butter possibly even more than my dog although I have never tried tempting him with the Kong)

Chocolate Peppermint Stars

Jelly Bowl Cookies

Citrus Sugar Cut-outs

And the newcomers:

Moravian Ginger Cookies (for a touch of the exotic - Moravia, anyone? Is it a planet?)

Cranberry Bars

Orange Cardamom Cookies

So pull on your baking caps and fire up your cookie-baking machines! Here we go!


Betty said...

I'm going to a cookie exchange this weekend where the cookies have to be nut-free due to allergies and most of your cookies would work. I'm actually making an orange-cranberry bar. When do you leave for Guatemala?

Linda Faye said...

Jenny: We have Moravian cookies in North Carolina, most of them made in Winston-Salem, NC where Moravians (German Christian sect) settled a couple of centuries ago. The cookies are exceedingly thin, flat and perfectly round. They are sold in tube-shaped cardboard boxes in several gourmet stores in Chapel Hill. Each year, we usually go to a Moravian Love Feast (no, no, not that kind of love feast)at the church of a friend. Instead of holy communion (bread, wine) Moravian rolls are served (spiced with cardamom) along with heavily-creamed coffee. Actually heavenly!

Jenny said...

I never got a chance to make the Moravian ginger cookies - I overextended myself with the nine other kinds. But that's exactly the type - thin and flat. I'll make them when we get back from Guatemala (we're leaving on the
20th, btw, Betty). That's interesting, AL, I wouldn't have thought North Carolina would be a haven for German Christian sects (what with their Love Feasts, and all)!