Thursday, February 21

ride 'em rodeo days

Rejoice, for Rodeo Days are upon us!

That means a four-day weekend during which many things that are completely unrelated to the actual rodeo will be effortlessly accomplished, leaving hours upon hours of free time for play and daiquiris!

Activities on the list for Day One of Magical Rodeo Holiday:

- painting on of new toenail polish for first time since last June
- purchasing of Turbo Tax and subsequent quick, efficient, and timely completion of 2007 taxes
- bread-baking
- drinking of daiquiris on sunny patio
- reading
- completion of all writing homework assignments and also extra bonus writing for purpose of becoming famous writer sooner rather than later
- studying of Spanish until can understand telenovelas and find out what exactly Santiago's mother told him after her emotional conversation with the priest that filled him with such sexy, masculine rage
- organization of drawers in Arizona room
- organization of all personal files and trip to Kinko's for use of shredder to ensure that identity remains intact after massive file purge
- completion of Wingal's birthmas present and trip to Post Office (Thursday afternoon! Short Post Office lines! Yay!)
- taking of Lila to get updated shots (mother-daughter bonding experience)
- wonderful lazy trip to Bookmans to buy book by apparently famous author who is coming to visit writing class in two weeks as feel guilty for never actually having heard of author before last Monday
- bank visit for delinquent deposit of check from nana (bad, bad ungrateful granddaughter for waiting so long but for some reason never seem to have a car available during banking hours)

Activities Completed on Day One of Magical Rodeo Holiday by 4:00 p.m.:
- Organization of personal files (Yeehaw!)
- Development of raging sinus headache behind right eye socket
- Shower


Betty said...

Here's some free advice from you CPA friend - for my own return the past few years I've used
Federal is free, but you have to pay if you have any state returns.

Jenny said...