Wednesday, March 5

we are but hobbits

Everybody get your tickets and COME TO TUCSON NOW!

Right now is why people live here. The weather is fantabulousness all over the frickin' place and the trees are just starting to leaf out and the sun has not yet morphed into the Eye of Mordor which is inevitable as March progresses.

I'd guess we've got about a week-and-a-half.


Jen said...

Oooh...I'm so envious. We had horrible weather here in Cleveland last night. An inch of ice, followed by slush and a couple of inches of snow. Tucson sound LOVELY right now... *sigh* Sun? What's sun?!

Jenny said...

Not to rub it in (well, maybe a little while I still can!), but I got a sunburn this past weekend while reading on my patio. Ahhh. But I'll be wishing for Cleveland weather in about a month. I'll let you know so you can get me back!

Jen said...

Seriously, what is this sun you speak of?! Sorry to hear about the burn. Those are never any fun. And yes, remind me, we we are enjoying balmy 80 degree weather and you are enduring 110 degree, scalding temps. I'll remind you what it was like this winter. ;-)