Friday, April 18

lunch on a desert survey: cherry tomatoes and chickpeas with smoked paprika, cumin, and cilantro

Coyote #1: Whoa. Whoa. Wait up, dude. What is this? What. Is. This?

Coyote #2: What is it, man?

Coyote #1: Whoa.

Coyote #2: Come on, seriously, Henry. What?

Coyote #1:
Oh, total score! It's a mouse heart!

Coyote #2:

Coyote #1: Oh, wait. Wait...

Coyote #2: What?

Coyote #1:
Oh, ick. Egh. Bleah. Bleah! It's not a mouse heart at all. Crap.

Coyote #2: What is it? What is it, Henry?

Coyote #1: It's, like, it's a...I don't know. It's red. And kind of round. But squishy. Squishy round.

Coyote #2: What's it taste like?

Coyote #1: Not mouse heart, that's for damn sure.

Coyote #2: Right, okay. But what does it taste like? Packrat?

Coyote #1: Naw, dude. It's not packrat.

Coyote #2: Some kinda bird maybe?

Coyote #1: No. No, it's definitely not bird. I know bird, man, and this is not bird. Shit.

Coyote #2: Oh, hey! Look over here! What's this? This wrinkly white thing?

Coyote #1: Awesome. Looks like a mouse brain, dude. Kinda big, though. Them mices ain't too smart.

Coyote #2: Yeah, right. I know. Lemme see...EWWW! EWWWWWWW! Ohmigod ohmigod get it out! Bleah! BLEAH!!!

Coyote #1: So...not a mouse brain?

Coyote #2: Oh, god. Eww, eww, eww. No, not a mouse brain.

Coyote #1: What the hell's going on here, man?

Coyote #2: I dunno. Something weird. I dunno.

Coyote #1: I don't like it. Strange non-mouse parts all over the ground...Did you see that pack of two-legged white coyotes with all that strange-colored fur move by this morning?

Coyote #2: I don't know if those were coyotes, dude.

Coyote #1: Yeah, I don't know. Maybe not. Maybe funny cows?

Coyote #2: Maybe. Do you think they left this stuff here on the ground for us to find?

Coyote #1: Yeah, maybe. Maybe it's some kind of trap or something. I dunno.

Coyote #2: Henry...I'm kinda freaking out right now.

Coyote #1: Yeah, dude, me too. Let's get outta here before them strange two-legged cows get back.

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