Saturday, April 5

thanks furry much

Last summer, Lila was still a puppy so maybe her shedding mechanism wasn't fully functioning. This summer, however, Lila is a Shedding Machine. She walks around the house in a cloud of fur. I just opened a bottle of Zyrtec and, thankfully, Zyrtec was in there...but so was fur. Fur fur fur fur. Fur is in our food. Fur is in our coffee. Fur is in the bathtub. Fur is in the cracks between the keys on the keyboard. Instead of rugs, we have fur. Fur is ALL the hell over the bed.

I am watching fur dance gently in the shafts of sunlight coming through the fur-covered window. Fur is like our fourth roommate, only fur doesn't pay the rent and refuses to turn the music down. Fur is like a bad roommate who won't ever make dinner, cracks open beers at 9:00 in the morning, and tries to hit on you in creepy ways that make you wonder if you're really the crazy one and maybe fur's not actually hitting on you at all. But you're not sure.

All you know is fur won't leave you alone.


Charity said...

If you can get past the hefty price tag, I can recommend the Furminator ( Our cats can now sleep all day on a white bedspread and leave no visible trace of cat fur. But the first time you Furminate, I recommend you do it outdoors. Otherwise, it doesn't really help with the "fur all over the place" problem.

Jenny said...

Our friend just bought the Furminator and is going to let us borrow it. I've been excited for days, but meanwhile, there's so much fur in here, that I can't figure out where I put the dog...