Friday, April 11

yeah. this one's random. sorry.

I work at a college, right? So this semester I'm taking two classes: Spanish and Creative Writing.

Now, financially speaking - and not to brag or anything - that comes to...exactly five dollars a class. Plus the college paid for all the books because I am developing professionally (or so it is assumed) during the course of this edu-macational experience. So, if I do the math...this is, like, a 600-dollar value that I am getting for ten bucks. Apparently, I should actually be taking three classes. Or four. Or eight. Because the total of any of it would come to...ten dollars.

You might think the point of this is to talk about how much I love my job. But that is not the point. My job is a very good job, yes, with very good benefits.

But just the other day, Raphael said to Mike, "She's a student, too." And I said, "No, I'm not. I'm just taking a couple of classes." And Raphael said, "That's what a student does." And Mike kind of nodded noncommitally, but I know he was thinking: I wish these guys would shut up and get me another beer, dammit.

And I thought: Dude. I'm totally a student.

And now I'm thinking: Oh my god. I'm going to fail Spanish if I don't study, because I don't have the slightest idea how to tell my teacher that I take a shower, which has something to do with reflexive verbs but what, what?! And also, I have this story I'm working on that's supposed to be 5,000 words but that is currently at 8,300 words, and I'm not even completely sure that it makes any kind of point at all or is just 8,300 words stuck randomly onto a few pages.

And of course, instead of actually doing anything about these things, such as making flashcards or closing my eyes, pointing blindly to a spot in the story, and then deleting the following 3,300 words, plot be damned, I am...blogging about it.

Although to be perfectly honest, if anyone wasn't way ahead of me on this, plot's not really my strong point anyway.

Maybe I should be writing the damn story in Spanish. The shower thing might be an interesting addition, if I can figure out how to say it. Of course, as a student, I'm realizing that the more I learn, the more I don't know - but the more I want to know. If I don't chill out on the homework, I'm going to be out another ten bucks next year.

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