Thursday, May 22

i am proud to announce...

...I have just been informed that I am the recipient of the prestigious 2008 "best blog tyler ever read" award!

Of course, this award really goes to all of you. Posting things to this blog has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, quite frankly, and I couldn't have done it without you. Really. You and God. Mainly God, though, since He's the one who created the Internet and the wireless mouse. But you all too. You guys are simply awesome. SO supportive. SO affectionate. SO...well, kind of demanding, actually, some of you. On occasion.

You know who you are.



Let's see what the critics are saying about Something Made Different**:

"Very good blog." -- Jen

"Ever-changing and highly amusing." -- Aunt Linda

"I told my mom about your blog." -- Clariza

"(You) name names, complain bitterly... it's pretty gossipy." -- Laura

"You could do this professionally!" -- Vanessa

"It all sounds just, well, beyond fabulous." -- Jen

"Wish I could take credit it for it." -- Olivia

"I am totally voting for you, and will begin funneling illegal (blog) contributions shortly." -- Melinda

"I read your blog." -- Laura

"Your writing kicks some serious ass." -- Christine

"Timeconsuminglyspectacularandnearlyalwaysproblematic." -- Samantha

"I'm laughing so hard at your latest entry. I could particularly relate to your letter to the toilets." -- Jen

"(As) if I have time to visit your blog now that I'm addicted to Facebook." -- Charity

"I love (y)our blog. We're wicked awesome." -- Laura

"Did you get monkey punched?" -- Eugene

"I like your blog. It's funny." -- Kelly

"You oughta put up more pictures of the dog." -- Dad

"Walla-walla! Now you're cool, too!" -- Laura

"HAAH AAAAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Julie

"Are you a proud mama?" -- Mom

"How would I describe it? Whimsical? Comfortably flowing from apparent non sequitur to apparent non sequitur until it coalesces into a satisfying whole that incorporates all the seemingly disparate parts? I'll have to think about it some more." -- Charity

"Well... it's the funniest thing (I've) read in months. Not counting everything I've written, of course." -- Laura

"Nooooo!!!!!" -- Julie

"This is totally inane. When, exactly, do I get food?" -- Lila

"I've been trying to recover from the (blog)." -- Melinda

"I'm sort of rueing this blog myself..." -- Laura

"I threw up on myself on Saturday in the car." -- Julie

"WOW! That is fun." -- Erika

"(I think you're crazy)." -- Betty

"It's still a little rough around the edges." -- Olivia and Matt

"I love Flower the Skunk." -- Laura

"(something in Spanish)." -- Raphael

** Some comments may have been taken entirely out of context.

** Use of parentheses indicates word-removal and subsequent insertion of different word intended to create humorous effect often not intended or endorsed by original speaker.


Jen said...

And, as always, you succeed in making me laugh. Who knew our comments were so darned hilarious (when taken out of context, of course)! :-)

Jenny said...

Oh, life is WAY funnier taken completely out of context!