Tuesday, July 22

either that or she's dying

I am roommate to the wussiest dog on the planet. She hasn't moved off her giant pile of cushions in three days.

Jenny: Lila, why don't you go outside and run around? It's nice out.

Lila: Eh.

Jenny: There's, like, weather out there. There's birds doing things that you hate. You'll like it.

Lila: It's hot.


Jenny: You're a dog.

Lila: I don't think I care for your tone of voice...

Jenny: Uh. I'm not sure your opinion actually matters in this situation--

Lila: ...and I'm not going out there.

Jenny: Oh, come on. Are you kidding me?

Lila: You go outside.

Jenny: Oh, look, Lila! Look! Look! I have a baaaalllll...

Lila: You can take that ball and shove --

Jenny: Lila!

Lila: I desire grapes.

Jenny: Right. Well, I can't give you grapes. They're bad for dogs.

Lila: (disdainful yawn)

Jenny: ...And, as you may recall, you're --

Lila: I require Pupperoni. You will fetch them for me, human.

Jenny: Oh, for --

Lila: Fetch! Fetch!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Lila is my kind of dog. :-) (And for what it's worth, my pups loved grapes...especially frozen ones!)