Sunday, August 3


Today I'm grumpy.

It's hot and humid and there are mosquitoes and for some reason everyone has a fly problem this month and I'm dehydrated and grumpy.

My dog had to stay at the vet's overnight because of problems involving her finicky digestive tract and I'm grumpy. She's dehydrated and probably grumpy too.

I thought I'd perk myself up by creating beautiful, brightly colored mosaic designs on the ramada posts out back but all the tile stores are closed today and I can't get red tiles and it's making me grumpy. Beige tiles always make me grumpy.

Tomorrow's Monday and I can't help but be grumpy about it.

I've heard about techniques that can help make one less grumpy, such as exercise or forcing oneself to smile or meditation on happy things but right now, I think I'll just embrace my grumpiness.

In fact, I have nothing to write about other than being grumpy and it's making me grumpier than hell.

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