Monday, August 11


What would you think if I said: "Ha! It was all just a big crazy joke, that whole immigration thing!"

Not as funny as, say, people dying, right?

Well, lucky day for you, I guess, because I can't say that at all.

But of course, as is the new Rule around here, we're not thinking about dramatic things like deportation anymore until the day The Lawyer calls and says, "Yay! Now you owe me eight thousand well-earned bucks because I totally rock, having singlehandedly fought the fiendish immigration people and won you back your right to say, 'I have a green card!' From now on, you will be called Permanent Resident Man, and together you and I will fight oppression and save sad families with their adorable little crying children from sinister immigration people plots and whatnot! What a gorgeous girlfriend you have! Let's all do shots!"

Oh, and also, I got back yesterday from the Pecos Conference in lush, lovely Flagstaff where they have tall green fluffy things they call trees, and cold cold water falls from the sky while the gods bowl, and tents flip end-over-end in the wind while Smart People talk of comets and extinctions and carbonate spherules and other people drink beer out of plastic cups and wonder why they can't understand what's going on and when the dance party's actually going to start and exactly how big was megafauna anyhow?

wildflowers galore
view from our campsite of the big tents

our campsite w/mountains and approaching storm

view from our campsite

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Anonymous said...

I think that i was that other person that drank from the red plastic cup...what does that say?....I like megafauna...sometimes...oh who the hell am I kidding...