Thursday, August 14

a lesson in living well

Upon waking at 4 o'clock in the morning, Dog immediately greets her loved ones with a big, juicy smile and lots of kisses and tail-wagging. Dog feels it is important to demonstrate affection as soon as the day begins. Dog then jumps up on the bed between her loved ones and snuggles up against them, paws braced on one, back pushing against the other so that Dog can be comfortable in the center of the bed. Dog knows that creating personal space for oneself is one of the keys to being happy around others.

Dog understands, too, the importance of stretching out the body, really being aware of the physical self. To that end, Dog rolls onto her back in the space she has created for herself on the bed and sticks her front feet straight up in the air. In order to really open up her chakra, Dog feels that letting her hind legs fall open, exposing her soft belly to the moist morning air in a horizontal plane of utter relaxation is the proper way to go. Breathing is also very important, so Dog concentrates on deep, even breathing, meditating her way into full consciousness.

As golden light eases through the window, Dog rolls over, having finished her early morning meditation, stands up on the bed, stretches first back, butt up high in the air, and then forward, butt as low as it will go, and shakes in a joyful jangling of tags and a cloud of fur. It is important to begin every day with joy in the power of the body, she feels. She then showers a second slobbery wave of affection on her loved ones, knowing that they will feel better about themeselves if they wake up understanding that they are loved unconditionally.

And then, because Dog feels that exercise and play share a vital roll in the health of the body and the mind, she typically launches herself off the bed, breaking into ecstatic butt-shaking and raising her voice in spirit-lifting howl-ey song, as she greets the dawn and searches for toys with which to celebrate her happiness that it is morning.

Excercise and song period over, Dog finally finds a bone that needs chewing and settles happily into the routine of her daily tasks, knowing that good, hard work is the backbone of a healthy soul.

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Wingal said...

My version would go:

Cat wakes up wanting food. Cat cries extensively for food, pawing at loved one and howling in her ear, pressing his face into her sleeping eyes and relentlessly expressing through his vocals the extent to which Cat is hungry. Once his loved one has fed him and removed herself into the bathroom for her shower, Cat inhales food and then sits determinedly next to the refrigerator so that, when his loved one emerges from the bathroom, Cat may once again assault her with cries for more food, just in case his loved one is stupid enough to believe that maybe she actually hasn't fed him yet. Cat continues to cry for food until his loved one leaves the apartment with a sense of relief. Then Cat sleeps all day until his loved one reappears, when he is then able once again to torment her with his singing until it is time to go to bed again.