Tuesday, September 2

it's good, this tortelloni

Consider the mild-mannered dried cheese-filled tortelloni for a moment. Several characteristics are immediately obvious to the careful observer. It is dry. It is filled with cheese. It is tortelloni.

Now cook it. Just rip open the bag and dump every last tortelloni in boiling water for a few minutes. They love to swim, so don't let guilt stop you.

Meanwhile, saute a little garlic, sweet corn, and prosciutto in butter and then throw in some chopped tomatoes. Mix it all into the pot of cooked tortelloni and toss some basil in there. Lots of basil.

Let the warm aroma of butter, cheese, and basil permeate your senses. Go ahead. Pinch up a newly softened tortelloni between thumb and forefinger. Gently! Gently! Examine it. Extend your teeth to it and bite through its tender skin. Some things never change. Though now soft and pillowy, it is still filled with cheese. It remains, as always, tortelloni.

A lesson for us all.

Summer Garden Tortelloni

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