Tuesday, September 9

let sleeping ninjas lie

Raphael: Did you sprinkle lavender oil on my pillow last night?

Jenny: Yes - why, do you like it?

Raphael: Maybe that's why I slept so well.

Jenny: Excellent!

Raphael: I slept like a ninja.

Jenny: I, uh, didn't realize that was something they were known for.

Raphael: Among other things, of course.

Jenny: Right. Like crazy swords and wicked moves...

Raphael: Well, some of them, I guess.

Jenny: ...and those crazy masks, and don't they use nunchucks?

Raphael: What?

Jenny: Nunchucks - you know, the things on the chains that you swing around...I don't really know how to use them, actually.

Raphael: OHHHH!

Jenny: What?

Raphael: I said "angel". I slept like an angel.

Jenny: Yeah. That's makes a lot more sense.


Jen said... simple mistake anyone could have made. ;-) Thanks for the chuckle, as always!

Anonymous said...

lavender oil, hmm. will have to try it, did it work on you, jen?

Jenny said...

Mmm...I think lavender oil is so relaxing.