Wednesday, November 19

if God was an archaeology student

God: Hooowhee. Never realized exactly how mind-numbing artifact-washing would be when I Created it back in the day.

Jenny: Yeah. Thanks a lot.

God: There's an awful lot of pottery here, isn't there? Is that normal for an archaeological site?

Jenny: Depends on the site.

God: Suppose it does. Suppose that's my fault too.

Jenny: I didn't want to be the one to say it, Sir.

God: No, I don't suppose many people would, would they.

Jenny: Those pottery sherds still look awfully dirty, Sir. Are you actually washing pottery, or just talking?

God: That's good dirt on those sherds. I remember making that dirt. Good times. Although it seems that Satan was pulling my leg about the proper percentage of clay after all. Heh heh. Tricky bastard. Man, this stuff is hard to get off.

Jenny: Just keep scrubbing, Sir.

God: Hey, I think these two pieces fit together!

Jenny: That's great, Sir.

God: Maybe we better set these aside in case we find more that fit.

Jenny: Well, that's pretty unlikely. Look - it's a fresh break. Someone hit it with a shovel.

God: Still.

Jenny: Keep washing. We're on a schedule here.

God: I'm setting them aside.

Jenny: You know, in the great scheme of things, a couple of pottery sherds that fit together really don't tell us all that much about Pre-Columbian society here.

God: Hey, if anyone knows about the great scheme, it's Me, not you. Come to think of it, if anyone knows about Pre-Columbian society, that's Me too.

Jenny: Don't you have a test to study for or something?

God: Oh, right! Intro to Geographic Information Systems! Crapola! I gotta go!

Jenny: (sighs) You're not even going to clean up your workstation, are you.

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