Monday, February 9

flashback to last week

It's no almond cake, but it is...BAKED SHRIMP! I made this last night - baked shrimp in Chipotle Sauce - and it made a totally cozy, wonderful meal. More like Baked Shrimp in Butter Sauce with Some Chipotle Also. But whatever.

Doesn't "baked shrimp" sound horrible? It didn't occur to me until I typed it in just there. Good thing I made it last night before blogging about it, because it was not horrible at all. In fact, it was the perfect meal to lay out on the coffee table on a cold night - plate of spicy, buttery shrimp, bowl of sauce, careful arrangements of sliced bread. Add a glass of wine, some 1940s Big Band music, a good kerosene heater, and a dog for a footrest - oh, and be sure to take the following day off - and you've got yourself the ultimate comfort food.

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