Saturday, July 25


I'm on vacation! Which is ironic because I don't think it's actually true. So maybe it's not ironic. Maybe it's just inaccurate.

For the last three days, the Guatemalan and I have been painting. Well. Painting, debating paint colors, giving each other icy stares, shooing the dog out of paint, taking down curtains, putting up curtains, arguing about the appropriateness of the color of the curtains in relation to the paint, sobbing, painting more, blowing crushed mica onto newly painted walls, worrying about whether or not the dog could sustain damage on account of breathing in the mica now scattered across the floor, attempting to brush excess mica off walls, failing, more painting, etcetera etcetera.

And I'm pleased to announce that after all this "vacation" time, that we are almost finished painting the living room.

considering paint samples

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Just Another Jenny said...

I like the biggest square of bluish color. My dining room -- which is actually formerly my bedroom -- is that color.

Looking forward to seeing what you chose and how the mica looks on the wall. Is it sparkly? I like shiny things.