Saturday, October 3

post-early-fall summer summer. or not.

This is my ninth October here in Tucson, Arizona, and I'm still working out how to determine if it's fall yet. What I have figured out so far is that our seasons go something like this:

winter, spring, early summer, monsoon season, late monsoon season, mid-to-late summer, brief monsoon season recapped, summer summer, high summer, late summer, post-late-summer summer, early fall, post-early-fall summer summer, aaaannd abruptly back to winter.

Like that.

For example, earlier this week, it was 102 degrees for several days in a row. At least two. But it felt like an eternity. It also felt like I was going to die. But that's neither here nor there. and here I am, still alive.

And today, right now, it is 68 degrees. I'm cold. I'm wearing wunna them doohickeys with the long sleeves made outta that fancy knitting-type technology - a sweater, I guess they call 'em out in the cold-parts. And it's supposed to rain. Whatever that is.

So, while I would say we're well into post-early-fall summer summer, I'm not taking my sweater off just yet.

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