Wednesday, October 28

the sandwich diaries

This is my lunch:
Two hot dogs with mustard, mayo, relish, and onions. A bag of Cheetos. A Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie. A Mountain Dew. All for a mere five dollars at the "raise money for military families" tent in the courtyard.

This is what I'm pondering:
1. My Mountain Dew can says "mtn dew". Is "mtn dew" hipper than "Mountain Dew"?
2. Will I carve a mean pumpkin or a silly pumpkin this year?
3. A mean pumpkin, of course. I only carve mean pumpkins. Which maybe has something to do with my childhood.
4. I do really like hot dogs.
5. And Cheetos.
6. But not mtn dew so much.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Yay for hotdogs. You dressed yours up nice.