Monday, November 2

Special Halloween Cloob #3

Raphael and I vacuumed up the real cobwebs and festooned the house with fake ones and then hosted a Special Halloween Cloob & Chili Party this past weekend (on Halloween!). If you remember, the Cloob is a beer-tasting thing in which every guest brings a six-pack (or other) of beer they'd like to try.

We missed Cloob #2, if you're curious. But I think we've made up for it.

Cloob #3 was a bit bigger and less organized than the first one, since all the original Cloobers were Halloween party-hopping the night away and therefore arrived at staggered and totally unpredictable intervals. So instead of an official "Everybody taste each beer while Erik tells us more than we ever figured he actually knew about why it tastes like that" kind of thing, we did an "Open whatever beer you want, pour some in a glass, and leave the rest on the table for someone else to try" kind of thing. And it worked surprisingly well.

The following morning while picking up bottles, I worked out a final count. We tasted a record 24 different beers. And there were another 12 kinds that we never even got to, including, regrettably, something called Horny Devil Ale and another called Piraat Ale featuring not only a picture of a pirate, but also a Viking ship.

Beer-tasting guests included: the Infected, two zombies, a sexy pirate, a fairy, a witch, a red Lego, a Mystery Woman, Swine Flu, a couple of creepy "things" wearing scary masks and brown Snuggies (as seen on tv!), two Ratt groupies on their way to a concert, a victim of the sinking of the Titanic, someone in a sparkly blue dress who bought the dress at Savers because it was cool, The Jesus (from "the Big Lebowski"), Elvis, and an aviator (Raphael: Are you a...dead aviator?" Aviator: No. Just an aviator. I didn't know there was a rule.) Oh, and Lila came as Jacob Black in werewolf form.

spooky beer line-up

Spider on a pulley-system in the bathroom. It moved when the door moved! Creepy!

Jen is attacked by the Infected - who invited them anyway?

Ratt groupies - and Grant

The Jesus

Becky wards off Swine Flu

I said this once before: "I have no vocabulary for this sort of thing, but I'm going to list the Cloob line-up and then I'm going to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 for you. I'll call it Jenny's Scale of Beers (JSOB). Unless you're drawn to A. cheap domestics, B. Hefe-Weizens, or C. beers that taste like fruit, you can read 10 as being the best and 1 as being the least best. If you're partial to A, B, or C above, simply read the Scale backwards. Brilliant!"

The beers I Remember Trying:

Port Brewing Co. The Lost Abbey Devotion Ale
JSOB rating: 7.5

Four Peaks Kiltlifter Scottish-style Ale - I didn't actually try this one. I just know I like it.
JSOB rating: 7.5

Deschutes Black Butte Porter - same as above.
JSOB rating: 6

Nimbus Old Monkeyshine English-style Ale - Nimbus is a local Tucson brewery. Yes, I've had this many times while eating pizza from No Anchovies down by the U. So I didn't try it this time, but you can trust me.
JSOB rating: 9.5

Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale
JSOB rating: 6

Avery White Rascal Belgian-style wheat ale - Hmmm.
JSOB rating: 1

Four+ Punk'n Harvest Pumpkin Ale
JSOB rating: 1

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale - I think I tried this one but I can't quite remember, so I probably shouldn't rate it.

Ska Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter - I liked this one too. A lot.
JSOB rating: 9.5

Lagunitas Imperial Red - pretty good.
JSOB rating: 6.5

Ska Decadent Imperial I.P.A. - I already knew I liked this one enough to try it again anyway. Very tasty.
JSOB rating: 8.5

Chimay Ale Grand Reserve - Know I tried it. Can't remember if I liked it. Some useful beer tasting.

Rogue Chipotle Ale - Delicious! I loved this beer. Very chipotle.
JSOB rating: 9.5

The Lost Abbey Judgement Day Ale (brewed with raisins!) - dark and really, really tasty, despite the raisins.
JSOB rating 9.5

There was a German beer I didn't like at all, but I can't figure out which one it was.
JSOB rating: 1

I should also mention Erik's homebrew. It was right up there with the nine-fivers on the JSOB. It went fast.

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mmm...i love porters. especially when it gets cold. or at least not hot.