Wednesday, May 5

Spring. You confuse me.

Well, there's a corner, and we've finally turned it. Maybe. So I've written a poem about it.

Spring.You confuse me.

Oh, Spring in Tucson
has in past years
ushered in March temperatures
that brought me to tears.

But this Spring in Tucson
I don't understand -
Should I wrap up in a parka?
Or prepare to get tanned?

Today it was ninety
(Actually, more like ninety-five),
But last Sunday was chilly
So I baked cookies inside.

We removed the comforter from the bed
Sometime back in April -
But we put it back on
When the skies turned all...grayful.

Soon, we removed it again,
Folding it nicely,
Then we put it back on
When the skies turned all...icely.

We removed it AGAIN
This time determined
That the weather had turned -
(After all, May's usually burnin')

But this weekend, we put it back on
(We never do learn)
And tonight I'm sure I'll complain
That for cool nights I yearn.

So Spring in Tucson this year
I demand: What the hell?!?
Will it be warm this weekend?
Or would you rather not tell?

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