Sunday, July 18

smd: the hot summer fashion issue

Since blog topics are pretty cyclical around here (i.e. cooking, weather, vegetables, feelings of anxiety, dog, cooking, weather, vegetables, feelings of get the picture), it seems we're due for a series of dog-related posts.

Luckily, just before going camping last week (oh right - need to fit that into the line-up too), I made Lila an exciting new party collar with interchangeable snap-on elements. The snap-on elements in this case being silk flowers.
work it, baby

oh, yeah, pout for me!

I have other elements in mind, including mistletoe, bells, and red ribbon for Christmastime; tinselly puffs for various other types of celebrations; orchids and sparkly butterflies for summer brunches; and purple velvet bows and rhinestones for generalized cocktail parties.

Our dog will be better-dressed than we are from here on out. And tomorrow, I will tell you about the bear.

show me grrrr!


Mary Rose said...

Even though I have boys dogs, I would buy those for them!!!!!

Jenny said...

I'm seeing bowties! Or snap-on beer cans!

Aunt Linda said...

Isn't she lovely...(strains of Stevie Wonder)...

Aunt Linda said...

Isn't she lovely.
Her mama is clever, too.