Tuesday, September 14

draft #3: in which there is bling

I'm back! Some of you may not have realized I was gone! But I was!

We had our annual summer field school just recently. Two weeks of camping and surveying in the vast Arizona wilderness northwest of Phoenix. Our camp this year was particularly impressive, as the trend this summer was giant tents, fluffy cots, and comfy air mattresses. Also, three-quarters of the crew were female this year, which was a welcome change from last year which was the Year of Men in Their Twenties. We decided that next year, we need to bedazzle the camp. We're talking disco balls, Christmas lights, rhinestones. Bright sparkly things. A mountain lion gets into camp and she's going to wind up wearing a blinged-out collar.

As usual, we didn't run into any mountain lions. Or bears. Only a couple rattlesnakes. And we had Rocky, the Camp Squirrel who pudged out on macadamia nuts and tortilla chips for two weeks.

Oh, goodness. Where to begin? There were baby horses this year, and skittish antelolope herds and a TEAL-colored lizard.

Car full of women on the way home from a long, hot field day: "OH MY GOD, do you see that awesome blue lizard?! It's beautiful! Jenny, stop the car so we can take pictures!"

Jon, the only male in the car: "You know what I can see? Camp. We should go there."

It was just so damn awesomely girly this year. Nary a game of machetes-and-oranges in sight. Not a single part of any vehicle wound up in the outhouse.

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