Sunday, September 5

headbanger's delite

Raphael's parents-in-law gave him an X-Treme (that's "extreme", but way cooler) gift for his birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago.  They gave him tickets to see Megadeth in concert in Phoenix even though they have no idea who Megadeth is and no desire to find out. 

WAAHHH!! AAAHH!!  DEVIL HORNS!!!   (That's how excited Raphael was.)

Megadeth, it turns out, is awesome.  They played with Testament, who is also awesome, and Slayer who, maybe because they were last and by then I was tired and deaf, I found to be not quite as awesome and significantly louder.  But we really went because of Megadeth. 

The video below is my version of MTV if MTV regularly showed videos of Raphael headbanging a lot which, as far as I know, they do not.  I think you'll find that witnessing Raphael headbang is totally worth your time, however, even if he hasn't yet been discovered. 

Without further ado, I give you: 

"Raphael Headbanging To Megadeth (With Cameo Appearances By Those Other Guys) In Phoenix For His Birthday.  He's Thirty-seven, By The Way, But Can Still Headbang Like the Young Folks.  (Thanks Mom & Dad!  DEVIL HORNS!!!)"


Mary Rose said...

JJ, maybe you should go into video editing!
That. Was. Awesome. (DEVIL HORNS)

Jenny said...

Thanks, MR! You rock!