Friday, November 19

Tucson's All Souls Procession

Tucson's All Souls Procession occurred two weekends ago.  Raphael and I usually just watch, but this year Clariza and Clariza's friend Suzanne and I dressed up.  I made a loaf of pan de muerto to celebrate - the traditional Mexican bread of the dead - which we ate as we were making ourselves up, and I made a sign to honor my grandpa who died just about one year ago.  That's him as a boy in the picture above. 
Being in the procession was something different.  It's weird to be the spectatee instead of the spectator.  Although everyone is a spectator during this event.  You can't just walk.  You have to look.  The costumes and masks and floats are fantastically weird, glittering and glowing and spinning.  

After the finale - which is a spectacularly theatrical show involving aerialists and drums and stiltwalkers and dancers and the traditional burning of the giant urn as it's hanging from a crane a hundred feet or so over the crowd, we went with Mandia to Hotel Congress for drinks and food.  Love going to Congress after the Procession.  The bar is loaded with skeletons and other bizarro creatures.  Death was there this year, drink in hand, gettin' his groove on with the ladies.

Here's the link for more pictures from this year's Procession. 
And I've just realized I never put pictures up for the last two years.  Lots more shots of the finale from 2008 and 2009 because we were much closer to the stage.  So...links below:



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