Friday, April 15

Rednex: an actual band

Anyone else remember "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex? I played it for my dad once in the car back in my OWU days, and he proclaimed it "Pretty good". Or maybe "Not bad". Memory is so fickle! In any case, I secretly thought that he was very cool for possibly sort of not hating a song I loved to dance to. So I dedicate this one to you, Dad! A song you might not hate!



Charity said...

Yes, I remember Cotton Eye Joe. I remember that the first time I heard it, I thought it had to be a joke. Then when I realized it wasn't, my entire view of the world shifted just a little bit.

Betty said...

Ya'll need to come to Texas & I can teach you the REAL Cotton Eyed Joe line dance!

julie said...

I loved that song!

Aunt Linda said...

This is such an old, old song. I'm sure I first heard it on the radio in Nashville,back in the 40's. This is a terrific rendering. Next to Doc Watson's, of course (Uncle Paul's favorite).

Incidentially, 'cotton-eyed' comes from an old southern term 'taking a cotton' to someone(ie, liking them a lot). Seems Joe's charms caused women to take a cotton to him, and he stole many a woman away from her man.