Wednesday, May 18

i'm three weeks older!

Forty-five minutes ago, I turned on the computer in order to look for an ice cream recipe that doesn't involve nectarines or ten hours of waiting.  (Although I have nothing against nectarines, waiting for ice cream isn't my strong suit.) I've been distracted, though, by the internet and all its wonders.  I spent some time on other people's blogs.  I spent some time looking for yurt rentals in northern California.  I spent some time considering DIY save-the-date ideas on even though I'm not the one getting married and the date has already been saved.  And now it's 8:00 and I have yet to search for the ice cream recipe I'd hoped to use tonight.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of my dog demonstrating the effectiveness of the anti-pawing dog-deterrent device we've rigged up around the garden. 

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Melinda said...

Don't you love Hyperbole-and-a-Half? I think she's a genius.