Wednesday, June 29

the parents are coming! the parents are coming!

Mom:  We're coming to visit you!

Jenny:  What?  Why?

Mom:  It'll be fun!

Jenny:  No, seriously.  Why?

Dad:  I'd like to have a look at your laptop.  How's it working these days?

Jenny:  It melted on Tuesday.  When it hit 110 degrees.

Mom:  I'm so excited!  Cacti!  Lizards!  Fish tacos!

Dad:  Do you people have ice cream out there?

Jenny:  Good idea, Mom!  I can cook the fish on the patio!  Directly on the bricks!

Dad:  What do you have there, some kind of cactus ice cream?

Jenny:  In July, ice cream turns to a gas before you can eat it.  Poof.

Mom:  Roadrunners!  Palm trees!  Mexicans!

Jenny:  I saw a Canadian the other day, too.  His head was on fire.

Dad:  You realize I expect you to bake me cookies while I'm there.

Jenny:  Cookies are not happening in my kitchen in July.

Dad:  Chocolate chip.

Mom:  Wildfires!  Rattlesnakes!  Baby quails

Jenny:  We could probably bake cookies on the patio, I suppose.  Since you've already got your plane tickets.

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