Sunday, January 29

the ravager of radishes strikes again! (for the first time ever)

Things are moving steadily along in the winter garden. I got a radish. (See photograph below.) And then I came home one evening and the radish was completely gone. Plucked savagely from its bed. The beast who took it left no trace if it. No footprints. No mangled leaves. No nothing. Lila? (I thought.) Birds? Cats? Hoodlums? But then I noticed the empty tea mug resting on the table next to the chair that sits out by the garden for the purposes of contemplation or garden-related logistical strategy or naps in the sun. And that mug had Guatemalan written all over it. So all I know about the radish in the photograph below is that it was a radish and that it was apparently pretty tasty.

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