Wednesday, August 16

Indubitably Improved

Our house has undergone some changes since we were handed the key back in May. Here are some of the things that are better about our altered abode:

The bedroom ceiling - most notably the absence of insect pupae dangling from it. And the bedroom floor. Oh, also, all the other floors in all the other rooms in the house.

The "garden" with the fat, happy Buddha. Also, the fantabulous tin-and-antique-Mexican-door fence installed by my favorite Guatemalan to keep the riff-raff out of the backyard. (Damn you, riff-raff.)

Our relationship with Gato, our fluffy, scruffy porch accessory. As far as we know, we were not charged extra for him.


Wingal said...

I'm looking forward to visiting and rolling all over your newly improved floors. And on the porch with Gato.

Wingal said...

Because I'm coming to visit over Spring Break. So I hope you're prepared. Though I'm upset the insect pupae are gone, as they undoubtedly added a je ne 'est pas that I will no longer get to enjoy.

Wingal said...

But, in all seriousness, you're place looks wicked cute. And Raphael did a great job on the fence, though I will sadly miss out on discovering random weaponry in your backyard now, as a result. *SIGH*