Wednesday, August 30

Raphael's 33rd Birthday Deconstructed

Family in Guatemala and a Big-ass Present

Mexican Hot Chocolate in the morning

Steak, Potatoes, and Vino at Elle

Free Chocolate Pate for a Mexican Jesus

Wine and cigarettes on an Old Friend's New Porch


Wingal said...

When was Raphael's birthday?! Happy Birthday, Raphael!!

Jenny said...

Damn, woman, I'm not even done tweaking the post yet! Inserting pictures is driving me crazy. They keep showing up wherever the hyell they want to and sometimes just disappearing. I'd stick to writing if I had anything to say.

Jenny said...

Uh, his birthday was August 24 - last Thursday.

Wingal said...

They're okay now, dude. You have interesting things to say... you're just holding out on us.