Friday, September 1


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Just playing around. These photos (click on the "pretty boat" - thank you, Julie Chio!) are from our roadtrip up the California and Oregon coastline last August. We slept on an air mattress in the back of my truck and shared wine and cheese and pasta and sausage around the fire every night. We collected bowls full of the lusciously plump, juicy blackberries that weighted the bushes encircling many of our campsites, and I ate as many of them as I could with cream and sugar in the mornings and carried the rest with us for the trip. One night we took a flashlight down to the beach from our campsite and walked towards the sound of the waves in the dark quiet. The milky fog distorted the light and the sound, reality slipping into the thin space between awake and asleep. Beautiful place. Late summer is very different on the west coast. Blackberries and fog and cold damp mornings.

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