Monday, January 22

I'm Dreaming of a Semi-White Late January Evening in the Desert

"SNOW!...Hey! Everyone's out here!"
Yes. Tucson got snow last night. And it was a momentous and, yes, festive occasion. Upon realizing that frozen water was in fact falling from the sky, people began exiting the warmth of their homes to stand in their yards in their bathrobes and yell things at each other across the street. Things like: "It's snowing!" and "I know! Where do we live again?" and "Wait...who are you?"

You'll get pictures of course, because, like all my neighbors, I took plenty. However it's too late to fight too hard with the computer tonight, and most of you probably don't want to see anymore snow this year anyway, so for now, I'll leave you with a picture of a saguaro in the midst of a veritable winter wonderland, taken this morning, when, once again, the neighbors converged in the streets to wonder at this mid-winter Tucson miracle.

And our patio:

They cancelled an entire morning of school for this. And you know I can't make these things up.

*tuesday, january 3 update: I indicated above that I would be adding more pictures. I take it all back. Until we get some non-dial-up around here, photos are going to be sparse and my blood pressure is going to remain high.


Wingal said...

They cancelled school for THAT?! There isn't even enough in your whole yard for a snowball.

Melinda said...

Speaking on behalf of the southern part of the U.S., I can say they would absolutely cancel school for that amount of snow around these parts.

Jenny said...

See? We're not crazy! Very, very cold - but not crazy!