Tuesday, February 27

Taking the Plunge

Our simple little lives here on Bellevue St. lately revolve around fixing up the backyard, trolling the alleys for boxes of free plants and wooden futon parts, rooting through the bathroom garbage for snacks, and escaping to University Blvd. for the occasional Sunday afternoon cerveza.

Clearly I am not saying everything that needs to be said if I am only posting here every two weeks.

Therefore, I have decided that I have to get high-speed internet. I've been putting it off simply because I'm more or less content with the present arrangement I have with my bank account, but what with the cost of healthcare on the rise and the reinstatement of the draft imminent, I can no longer continue flirting with the risks to my health that come with having dial-up.

And you, dear readers, are obviously missing all the really good stuff.

I call this one:

"Partial Ramada with Christmas Lights""Back Fence with Running Dawg""Mastering the Art of Japanese Woodworking while Building a Box for Herbs"


Wingal said...

Well, aren't you becoming Ms. Handy?

But... uh... snacks in the bathroom garbage? Remind me not to eat snacks while I'm visiting you.

Jenny said..., we'll give you the GOOD snacks...from the KITCHEN garbage.