Wednesday, March 7

Coffee Me

One of the worst things that can happen to a person is waking up to find that you have a jar loaded with coffee beans but that you're clean out of coffee filters.

Fortunately I don't have an addictive personality and neither does Raphael, who was up and out before the sun had actually risen (and therefore long before me) the day of this disaster, so it's not necessarily a bad sign that in order to combat the absence of coffee filters, A.) he used half a paper towel and B.) I dropped everything, left the dog in the backyard eating gravel, and ran to Circle K before even showering. Right?

That said, coffee should probably be illegal on brilliant mornings like those we've been enjoying lately. The weather itself is enough to energize a rock that hasn't got its caffeine yet. It's bright and cool and sunny now by 7:00. When we're not getting ready for work, we 're immersing ourselves in the enthusiastic, jungle-y fluttering and flowering of the plants on the porch with our coffee and our non-addictive personalities, breathing in that clean air and waiting for the sunlight to break around the corner. We're like the elderly.

And, incidentally, it's a good thing about those non-addictive personalities of ours because all this pure spring air ultimately means one thing: mojito season is right around the bend. And God knows the elderly love a good mojito.

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Wingal said...

Now I wish I was there instead of here (Cincy) for Spring Break... we have no flowers and today is the only day that's supposed to break 70... or 60, for that matter.

But if there were no coffee... I better off here.

Gravel, incidentally, is very nutritious.