Thursday, March 29

Smells Like DSL

You guys! You GUYS! I'm doing it! I'm getting DSL! Wireless DSL!

(Lila: "I don't like it. I can't eat things that are wireless. That's not awesome at all.")

When my modem arrived last Thursday, I immediately attempted to hook it up, and it immediately didn't work. Undaunted, I gave Qwest a quick call.

Which brings us to this moment, eleven technicians, eight days, three modems, three wireless devices, one Qwest service guy, and several hundred angry tears (sorry Dad) later, and, while my wireless DSL is still not technically working, I really think we're making progress.


sam said...

I feel your pain. My wireless something or other died while Jim was attempting to "affix" me to the proper network and it hasn't worked since. I can't even get the neighbors' network anymore. At least you have support. Me? I've got 5, yes 5, months of "I don't know what's wrong, maybe we should take your computer appart?" AAAAAAHHHKKKKGGG!!

Jenny said...

Oh god. I'm so sorry. Maybe you could sic Maurice on someone?

(Look! I'm entering a comment on a SUNDAY from HOME. Because I feel reasonably confident that I'll be able to complete the process of commenting in under 17 minutes.)

Melinda said...

Ahhh, the pain of dial-up...I know it well. It's like being in a sad little alternate internet universe.

Good luck; just think how much more you will appreciate DSL after waiting so very long!

Jenny said...'s like you're ME, you understand my dial-up pain so well.

But LOOK! Two comments on one Sunday! Because at least the four-year-old laptop, if not the real computer with actual measurable amounts of memory, now has DSL (wire-full DSL that the dog is about to trip over, but I can overlook that.)

Melinda said...

Any DSL is good DSL in my book. (Or so I've heard, from people who think it's possible to download a three-minute video in under an hour.)

Jenny said...

A what? In HOW long?

Melinda said...

Hee hee!