Monday, April 30

Roadtrip to Oracle

We went up to Oracle yesterday afternoon to hang out with three-week-old Silvio. You can tell he's a Thinker already by his pensive expression. He apparently wore himself out Thinking about stuff long before anyone even arrived because he slept through the entire afternoon, pausing only occasionally to wake briefly and Think about more stuff.
Reigning champion Lucho was evidently concerned that his current standing as Cutest Party-goer Ever is in some jeopardy. But he was a good sport and focused his energies on his now-classic Kid-in-a-Hammock routine rather than succumbing to jealousy.
The same cannot be said for Raphael.
Overall, Silvio seemed pleased with how things went.
"Spring Rain over the Catalinas"

"Gratuitous Rainbow Shot"

Intrepid Party Reporter J signing out.


Liv said...

Rainbows never get old...

Jenny said...

Rainbows, babies, and hammocks, I think...although one could argue about the babies, I guess.